Landfill Development


Modern Landfill’s current 227-acre disposal footprint in Windsor and Lower Windsor Townships will reach capacity within five years. To ensure safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal services continue for commercial, residential and industrial customers in central Pennsylvania and neighboring communities, Republic Services, which has owned and operated the landfill since 1999, has proposed a 122-acre expansion.

Because of physical limitations at the current site once it reaches capacity, this latest expansion will utilize land Republic owns east of Mount Pisgah Road in Lower Windsor Township. The existing landfill has expanded four other times over its nearly 50 years in operation, each time on land west of Mount Pisgah Road.

By comparison, the new disposal area will be roughly half the size of the current operation. Disposal capacity will decrease from the 42 million cubic yards permitted now to 24 million cubic yards, with an overall projected lifespan of 25 years compared to 50 years. The permitted maximum daily volume of 5,000 tons of waste per day will remain unchanged, and careful siting ensures existing traffic patterns will be unaffected.

Modern Landfill returns $2.1 million in combined annual host fee payments to Windsor Township and Lower Windsor Township. With the proposed expansion, Republic currently is working on a revised host agreement with Lower Windsor Township, which currently receives $900,000 per year as well as other benefits.

The expansion planning and permitting process will take several years, with considerable community engagement and rigorous regulatory reviews of engineering and technical plans to ensure responsible development and environmentally responsible operations. It is estimated that the expanded landfill area, if fully permitted, could be ready for operations by 2025.

Modern Landfill values its long-term relationship with the community and our neighbors, and we look forward to working with you to maintain this critical local resource.


Conceptual Footprint


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Understanding The Expansion Plan


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Stats & Facts

  • Modern Landfill has been in operation in York County for nearly 50 years.
  • Modern Landfill has operated under a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Permit since 1978.
  • Since 2010, 83% of all waste disposed at Modern Landfill has originated within Pennsylvania, with approximately half originating from York, Lancaster, Cumberland, Dauphin and Adams Counties.
  • Because of its partnership to accept ash residue from the York County Resource Recovery Center, Modern Landfill serves the entire York County population, more than 400,000 residents, as well as businesses large and small.
  • Modern Landfill returns $2.1 million in combined annual host fee payments to Windsor Township and Lower Windsor Township.
  • The Landfill employs 35 local workers, and is backed by industry leader, Republic Services, which employs roughly 250 people at its central Pennsylvania hauling and landfill divisions. Most team members reside in York, Lancaster and Berks counties.